New York is the best Back Drop


Though I've never, ever wanted to live in New York City, I will be forever enchanted with photographing there. As an East Coaster at heart, there is a true grit to New York that cannot be found anywhere else. It is something about the old buildings, the centuries of dirt and grime, the beautiful architecture hiding in corners of every park, the way light filters through buildings and trees and old iron gates, and those iconic New York City park benches. I love New York dog photography sessions, because I have so much visual texture to play with. Just like this New York dog photography session with Harley the senior Pug and his beautiful humans. 


Harley's humans contacted me because they were drawn in by how, in their own words, I "capture the essence of each dog and their relationship with their owners." I could't have said it better, and what a wonderful compliment to receive. I knew we'd get along really well, because this client (like the majority of clients that commission me) had a deep understanding of my unique perspective on the human/dog bond - that is why they chose to hire me instead of the hundreds of other dog photographers in New York City. And that's how I know my marketing, my hard work, my creative vision and my steadfast dedication to a consistent creative voice are always worth the effort. It allows me to work with wonderful clients like these guys, who are the perfect match for my studio. 

Our dog photography session in New York this Summer was so fun. We met under the arch at Washington Square Park, where Harley and his people take early morning walks with their favorite coffees every Saturday morning. I love getting to see clients and dogs in their natural habitats, and witness the intimacy of rituals. Nothing posed, nothing contrived. Just allowing my clients to be themselves. We photographed a bit around Washington Square Park (which is always full of beautiful benches, stone steps, leafy trees and of course dogs), then walked down to the river to finish our session. 


During our Presentation, I helped my clients select three beautiful portraits that really brought together the essence of this kind and loving family. The editions, which were matted to 16x20 inches and signed, now grace the walls of their home in New York. Thanks for a great session, guys!

Jesse FreidinComment