Central Park and a Cavalier King Charles


Sometimes I forget how hot and humid New York City can get in the Summers. Well, it can get hot. And humid. This dog photography session in Central Park was so much fun, but I sure got sweaty. That's ok, because after photographing dogs for the past ten years I've learned how to work through lots of challenging conditions: barking dogs, dogs who escape, dogs who jump into the pool, dogs who pee on me, rain, snow, and even super hot days where you think you might pass out (but you don't, because you're a professional, and professionals don't pass out). 

Sophie (the playful Cavalier King Charles) was such a great dog. My client actually purchased this Fine Art Dog Photography Session for his wife as an anniversary gift, which is such a sweet sentiment. I love getting to help clients celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays etc with Dog Photography Gift Certificates (you can get more info on our dog photography gift certificates right here). 


Even though it was hot, Central Park in New York is so vast that it has multiple shady spots to escape to, even on a weekend when the park is crowded. I've got a few favorite secluded, shady spots in Central Park that I like to use during New York dog photography sessions - which is where I steered us once we started walking into the park. Though my clients made it clear that they wanted Sophie to be the focus of our work, I was so struck by the love and subtle intimacy my clients showed toward each other. I wanted to make sure that I was able to turn a mirror on that for them, so I gently encouraged them to sit in for a few set ups. The result was a handful of really beautiful, authentic portraits of a deep and committed love that my clients and Sophie all share between the three of them. 


The final collection my clients turned to was a small portfolio all about Sophie and the love she brings to their lives, interspersed with a few select portraits of my clients which of course made me so happy. Thanks for a great session, guys!

Jesse FreidinComment