Photographing family and close friends and their beloved canine companions is possibly one of the best things in the world. It is one thing to be able to get to know my clients over a period of a few weeks, and learn the intricacies of their relationships and bond with their animals. But it is another thing to already know those intricacies so well, and to be so enmeshed in those relationships. Getting to photograph from the inside out like that is an amazing experience. Showing joy to my clients, and to my family and friends, brings me such true joy. Boston Terrier photo

Here is Benny- Pancake's cousin. A truly beloved dog. It's hard to tell who's cuter, though. Pancake came first, so I vote for him. But Benny gets coconut oil baths every week and his moms make his food by hand. So..... maybe it's a draw. What do you think? These photographs were taken at a wonderful apple orchard near Boston, Mass. I could have eaten a million apples that day- they were so perfect and delicious. Benny only wanted to eat the rotten ones on the ground.

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