I'm teaching a class on Impossible Project instant film on Saturday November 10th with Calumet SF. It's going to be a wonderful seminar covering a massive amount of information, including: the unique character of all the Impossible Project instant films, what the different film formats are, how to revive your old Polaroid cameras for use with Impossible Project film, how to get good exposures, the benefits of Impossible films over original Polaroid films, how to shoot Impossible film in a studio and outside, etc. This class will be half lecture, and half practicals, with a group photo walk through the Mission district's infamous mural alleys.instant dog photo

This class will have **nothing** to do with dog photography. Instead, it will teach you how to photograph ANY subject with this wonderful and magical instant format. If you want to photograph people, animals, plants, landscapes- this class will be relevant and exciting for you.

CLASS INFORMATION: 'Dream the Impossible' Impossible Project Class with Jesse Freidin Location: Calumet SF, 2001 Bryant St San Francisco  Date: Saturday November 10, 2012 Cost: $60 Registration: CLICK HERE 

Below are some favorite examples of the work I've done with the Impossible Project instant films over the past few years. The results of this quickly-growing instant film company are simply inspiring and continue to impress me with each new film that gets released.

instant dog photography

polaroid dog photographs

polaroid dog photography

instant dog photography