Two Bostons in the Castro


Many, many people met my beloved Boston Terrier Pancake during his amazing long life, and many, many of them fell in love with his incredibly kind demeanor and big personality. He was a dog that loved unconditionally, and he wanted to get to know everyone that crossed his path. That led to a lot of people becoming fans of the Boston Terrier breed, and a good handful of those people soon enough came to share their lives with a Boston Terrier (or two).

One of those lovely people is the San Francisco dog photography client featured here. She and her partner brought two sweet spunky little BTs into their lives a few years ago and both of them are directly related to my sweet Pancake. So you can imagine how excited I was to be commissioned to photograph they beautiful family - and of course spend some good couch time snugging these two nuggets.


For this San Francisco dog photography session we met at their home - one of the newer, beautiful loft buildings in the Castro area of San Francisco. There was great light in their apartment, but my client mentioned that the views of the Castro, Diamond Heights, the Mission and Noe Valley were spectacular from their rooftop deck so that’s where we focused most of our session. Like so often happens in San Francisco, the sky had a healthy blanket of fog going on that day which I was thrilled about. I love fog! I love it so much. I want fog all the time every day for every photography session. Fog is like an enormous soft box in the sky - it takes bright, harsh sun light and diffuses it into bright, soft, flattering light that is perfect for portraits, whether of dogs or people.

It was important to my clients to not only photograph Harley and Levi, but also the family as a whole. These guys love each other so much, and to me there is nothing more inspiring than photographing love. That’s really what my job is about - subjects don’t really matter to me. What I’m fascinated with and what I have centered my career on is observing and documenting love and relationships. I just believe that dogs are the perfect catalyst for viewing love - as seen here.


The iconic San Francisco Bay Area views in this work, and the love shared between both humans and both dogs, made this a very special day in the office.

Thanks for a wonderful session, everyone.