Today's installment of the "Dogs in the Workplace" series features one of my favorite hand-made, American-made, craftmanship-centered businesses around: DODOcase. I've been using a DODOcase for my iPad for the past few years, and get compliments on it constantly- in the studio, when I'm flying, when I'm showing my digital portfolio, etc. Aside from their products being unique and practical, they are all made with true integrity and stay true to traditional bookbinding techniques. Sounds kind of like how I do things. Our approaches to our work are quite similar, so I asked them to tell us about the big pack of DODOdogs that roam their office, and why they are important to a vibrant and productive workspace. Here's what they said: dodocase dogs at work

JF: Tell us a little about where you work. Where is your office located, how many dogs work in your office, and what are their names? DODOcase: We're DODOcase, located in San Francisco's Dogpatch on 2525 3rd street. We've got five hardworking dogs in our office- Burly (black lab), Kaylee (golden retriever), Buddy (chocolate lab), Prince and Nala (chihuahua mixes), and Lucky.

dogs in the workplace

JF: What do your dogs contribute to your company? DODOcase: They bring a smile to our faces, and allow us a moment to de-stress by simply taking them on a walk outside, or even by just petting or tossing them a tennis ball.

dogs who go to work

JF: What do you feel the benefits are of having a 'mascot' at work? DODOcase: Having dogs around the workplace provides a sense of warmth and comfort, similar to that found from being at home.

dodo case dogs

JF: What is the mission of your company? Do you dogs support/add to that mission? DODOcase: Our mission at DODOcase is to preserve the art of bookbinding and sewing by transforming the age-old techniques to today's technological needs. I like to think that our dogs support that too!

dogs in the work place

JF: Do your dogs have any daily tasks they perform during the work day? DODOcase: Yes, very taxing duties. A lot of lounging, playing, and sleeping is expected to be performed by the dogs every day. I'd say they've got the toughtest jobs of us all! dodocase dogs

You can learn more about DODOcase at: