Holy wow- its alive! Its instant, its amazing, its exciting, its analog, its beautiful, its completely one-of-a-kind. polaroid dog photographer

I've finally launched the long-awaited Instant Studio Sessions, and I couldn't be happier. It's true- I love black and white film, I love my darkroom, and I love my Hasselblad. But what do I love more than all these things combined? You guessed it- instant film. I don't care if it's Fuji, Polaroid, etc. It's all magical, and has characters and detail that you honestly cannot replicate or find in any other photographic process.

I consider myself a bit of an expert with instant film. Because it is such a tempermental kind of film, you really need to connect with the process. There is a mysterious connection I have with all my instant cameras- I know every unique little feature, I can predict each beautiful imperfection it will produce, and how each camera will react with various instant film types. With my Instant Studio Sessions, I now get to bring clients into that creative and magical process. Clients watch as each instant print is pulled from the large format studio camera, carefully processed to perfection, and developed right before their very eyes. Squeals of joy and tears of happiness are very common reactions.

Each session is fun and exciting, but also incredibly unique. You honestly cannot get these kinds of photographs anywhere else.

polaroid dog photographer

Do these images look familiar? Well, the highly recognized Doggie Gaga Project used this exact same process. Pretty cool.

polaroid dog photographer