On Sunday, there was a break in the clouds. It was not raining. It was not freezing. There was no inclement doom taunting us from the sky. So, I did what any other right-minded person would do. I went on a nature walk with my dog and one of my best buddies.

Wanting to keep things local, we zipped on over to Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Aside from the famous (and beautiful) art-deco amphitheater and waterfall, there are some great quick hikes within the park boundaries. The trail-heads are very poorly marked, and there isn't much in the way of maps, so of course we got a little lost. But, then again, I always get lost when I go hiking. Every single time. Even if I carry a trail map with me. It makes things fun.

Pancake got to try out his new long line (ordered from Jeffers Pet, of course), and we all enjoyed some sunshine at the end of the hike around the emerald decorative pool, which greets you as you enter the park.

Not my favorite hike in the Bay Area, but dog friendly (on-leash), easy to get to, and only a 5 minute drive to a delicious post-hike burger and beer at Barney's.

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