This is one heck of a dog.

I brought Pancake into my world ten years ago when he was just two months old and could fit in the palm of my hand, and we've been inseparable ever since. He's my sidekick—the first dog I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with—and it's been an incredible journey growing and learning together, teaching each other, relying on each other and sharing everything. Except the driving—I do that on my own.

Pancake is in his golden years, and I know he won’t be around forever. The portraits I have of him give me incredible joy and relief, knowing that his spirit and memories will never be absent from my life even when he moves on. This is something I share with many of my clients, and a large reason commissions begin.

Though our cherished companions stay with us for a short moment in time, their love and spirit lives for eternity within the portraits we create.