Pet Photography Mentoring + Business Coaching

I've been mentoring dog photographers for many, many years. If you're ready to do the work, I'm ready to help you succeed with integrity and passion.

I offer one-on-one Mentoring and Business Coaching to photographers in all niches, focusing on: camera work, defining and developing your creative style, marketing and web presence, fine-tuning your client experience, book publishing, crowd funding, sales, film shooting and more. 

Mentoring and Business Coaching is all about you, not me. Through virtual or in-person meetings I'll help you problem solve and move forward with support and guidance. I believe authenticity is the key to success, and I'd love to help you learn and grow.


To set up a time to chat, or if you'd just like more information on mentoring, please use the form below. 

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Jesse is such a wealth of information. When starting my photography business, I asked ALL of the dumb questions and he was patient, helpful, encouraging and always told me the truth. Even though he specializes in photographing pets, his knowledge of the photography business is exactly what I needed to succeed.
— Sarah Deragon
The concept of ‘branding’ is something that has always mystified me, but once Jesse explained the concept and HOW to go about achieving it I could feel the doors of my mind opening. I now have a solid idea of what my personal style will look like going forward, which gives me confidence. Not only is his wealth of knowledge invaluable when it comes to the tangible aspects of creating a successful pet photography business, the accountability factor cannot go unnoticed.
— Tracey K.