Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the benefit to photographing now?
The loss of a dog is never easy. Taking the time to honor them while they're still here is one of the most powerful things you can do for your animal— and for yourself— before they go. 

Dogs grow and change so quickly— it's time you gave yourself permission to really celebrate what your dog means to you. So many things happen during our photography session, but one of the most important things is relief. A sense of relief that comes with knowing this moment in time has been captured, knowing that your photographs will forever remind you of some of the best moments of your dog's life. It's such an honor to be able to do that for my clients. 


How do I know if you're the right photographer to work with?
There are a lot of photographers out there, and that makes it hard to know who to choose and who to trust. I've heard it a lot, and I completely understand. Clients often tell me that they were surprised at how easy and inspiring our session was, and that's because I care about the people and animals I work with and I do it all with an enormous amount of passion and joy. My clients trust me because I've been photographing dogs exclusively for the past seven years, because I am one of the top photographers in this growing field, and because I take the time to get to know everyone I work with on a deep level. That combination of closeness and expertise translates into very meaningful work, as well as lasting relationships. Sometimes we get lunch after our session, sometimes we get coffee when I'm in town even years after working together- those are the kinds of relationships I'm fostering with my clients. 

Am I the right photographer for you? Scheduling a Creative Call is your opportunity to get to know me and decide if we're a good fit (and it's a lot of fun!). You can do that right here:


You have a San Francisco phone number. Do you photograph in other cities as well?
Yes. I schedule fine art dog photography sessions in San Francisco CA and Santa Fe NM, as well as nationwide. If you live outside those areas, we can always set up a special trip just for you. Please inquire about travel dates - I may have a trip coming up in your area soon!


Is there a charge for more than one dog in the same session?
Not at all. Clients have my full attention, whether that means wrangling one dog or five. There's never a charge for extra dogs or people, as long as everyone is from the same family. 


Why do you insist on printing and matting all your own work? Everyone else just sends their prints to a lab. 
I am an artist, and just like any real artist I am attached to my tools and my process. My dedication to the craft of photography makes my approach a bit different. I want to give you fine art prints that will literally last generations, which is why I control every aspect of production- from editing, to printing, to matting. I never cut corners, and have all the equipment I need here at my studio to produce beautiful, long lasting and archival photographs. Your photographs are never sent to a lab or outsourced. My clients expect incredibly high quality custom work, and that is what exactly what they get— art pieces that become true heirlooms. 


Do you offer digital files?
Yes. Clients are welcome to buy a folder of web-friendly digital reproduction scans (digital files) once a minimum print investment has been made. 


What kinds of packages do you offer?
I don't offer packages. Instead, my clients invest in a Photography Session and then curate a selection of their favorite images, piece by piece, with my assistance. Some clients invest in one or two small matted photographs, but mostly clients select five or six larger pieces for their home. The final collection is completely up to you, of course. Schedule a Creative Call so I can go over all the details with you:


Where are you located?
My studio is in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. The studio address is 1708 Lena St #202, Santa Fe NM 87505.
I have Open Studio hours every Sunday 11:30am - 2:30pm, unless I am traveling. Everyone is welcome, so please swing by! Or, contact me to set up a Studio Tour just for you.


How did you become a dog photographer?
It's a question I hear on a daily basis, and a pretty funny story. You can read a blog about it here


What kind of equipment do you use?
I shoot film (Hasselblad 500c + Contax 645 with Ilford HP5 medium format film), and digital (Canon 5D Miii), depending on the client and my needs for each commission. I use the highest quality professional equipment on the market, and always shoot with fixed lenses and natural light. 


Looks like you shoot a lot of black and white. Can you photograph my dog in color as well?
Of course! Black and white portraiture is my speciality, but the choice is always up to you. 


My dog is shy/over-active/afraid of the camera. Can we still work together?
We certainly can. Believe it or not, the majority of my clients are worried that their dogs won't sit still long enough for a portrait, or that they'll misbehave and therefore their images won't be as beautiful as they hoped. I completely understand, and it's very normal to feel that way. However, I've been photographing dogs exclusively for nearly ten years and bring literally thousands and thousand of hours of expertise and experience to my work. I work slowly and very calmly, making sure that even the most anxious or hyper dogs stay relaxed, focused and present during our session. I've never once had a dog that I couldn't photograph, and I promise you yours won't be the first. 


How do you get the dogs to sit still?
Lots of patience and years of experience. 


Will you be throwing treats and toys at my dog to get their attention?
Never. I don't rely on tricks like loud squeaky toys or pockets full of treats to get your dog to face me or forcibly hold a pose. Hearing a squeaker for more than five minutes gives me a headache- right? It's ok to bring a small handful of treats to your Photography Session, but they will only be used to celebrate a job well done after we've finished. 


Do you photograph animals other than dogs? What about kids?
Occasionally I'll photograph cats, and I love photographing horses. Photographing kids and their dogs is one of the best parts of my job, though I rarely photograph a family without a dog. 


Do you ever photograph dogs in a studio setting?
Yes. Clients are always welcome to arrange a studio session at my Santa Fe, NM studio where we can photograph against a variety of backgrounds and get creative. 


Can I hire you to photograph my pet product line or to do lifestyle/editorial portraits for my company?
Of course. If you are looking for warm, engaging and emotional commercial or editorial images focused on the human/animal bond please get in touch with a little information about your company and needs and we'll go from there.

Can I copy your language and use it on my own website, or steal your imagery?
Unfortunately, no. All my images and all the writing on and associated with my website and business is copyrighted with the Copyright Office of the United States. I use an online service to alert me when my content has been copied. Better to create your own content.


Mentoring For Photographers:

I offer one-on-one Mentoring Sessions to photographers in all niches focusing on camera work, creative style, marketing/branding, book publishing, film shooting, crowd funding and much more. I'd be happy to help you learn and grow - whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned pro looking to turn the corner. I



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