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Jesse Freidin featured on "8 Exposures" from The Impossible Project

The '8 Exposures' feature on The Impossible Project's blog came out last week, and I had a lot of fun selecting my eight instant images and answering their nerdy questions. Photography is very personal for me, so sometimes I get a litle carried away when talking about my process. Never mind that. Being one of a very very small handful of international photographers featured by The Impossible Project is something I'm really proud of, and it's great to see this relationship grow. I've been a supporter of their mission from the very start, before they even had film. Now I get to pop into their headquarters and get hugs from their VPs, first dibs on prime film, and an all-around amazing community of photographers and friends. I great media feature to end a busy year. You can see it here: 8 Exposures.... with Jesse Freidin

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I can't believe a year has already gone by. Can you? Exactly one year ago today I was in the studio with a group of my close friends, sewing and taping and glueing and getting drooled on by some of my favorite dogs in the city. Pulling Polaroids and flashing strobes and laughing and pushing myself to be truly creative. What had begun as sort of a 'creative dare' had become a fully deveopled, living and breathing project. I love a good challenge, and I also love finding excuses to bring together ecclectic sources of inspiration. The Doggie Gaga Project was really just a reason to surround myself with talented, creative, and smart people who inspire me- and create something cooperatively. And that is exactly what we did.

The success of The Doggie Gaga Project can be attributed to many things. People like to talk about the great timing we had, the unique ideas, the artistry, etc. I like to attribute it to these things:

Anne and Dave at The Impossible Project, Craig, Meg, Zona, Summer, Kyl, Tina, Connor, Val, Rebecca + Rebecca, Alex, Nicole, Diana, Carolyn, Ana, Terra, Bert, Kelly, Booker, Gunther, Pancake, X-dog, Kiku, Bob, Jackson, and Jennings.

To celebrate the official One Year Anniversary of The Doggie Gaga Project, I've put together a video of never-before-seen footage of our first shoot, as well as a bunch of my favorite clippings and images. I hope you all enjoy looking at these as much as I do. It's a great marker for my career as a photographer, but more importantly has been an incredible lesson in staying true to your creative vision, pushing the limits, and allowing yourself to be an artist.



And a few of my favorite 'behind the scenes' shots, by two of my favorite San Francisco portrait and lifestyle photographers: Meg Messina and Christine Zona:




magazine dog photographer Cosmopolitan Magazine just called. They wanted my advice on women and fashion. I said, let's talk about photography instead.

You can see the full article and a link to our in-studio video here:

You can see the amazing slide show (and very witty photo comments) here: