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Today's installment of 'True Stories" - this is what I've renamed my 'Follow Up Series' - features Otis the amazing Muttville Senior Dog Rescue pit bull. Otis' parents won a session with me at last year's Muttville Senior Dog Rescue fundraiser, and the work we did together was truly inspiring. Otis is showered with love, and treated with the kind of respect you'd give to an elder. He is given room for his quirks and stubborness, support and attention for his elderly needs, and an amazing amount of companionship. I love the way our collection looks on the wall, and know that these pieces bring Otis and his family so much joy every single day. Here is what they had to say about our collaboration:

How do your photographs make you feel?

They make us happy to see Otis on the wall. They are great photos that really capture his spirit.  Everyone who comes over loves all of the photos. They’re great.


How did you, as curator of your collection, choose where to display your prints?

We needed a wall that was big enough so our options were somewhat limited. We wanted to put it in a room that we would be able to enjoy it frequently.  Therefore we put him in the kitchen so we see him daily.


What pushed you to work with our studio? Were you considering other photographers before you came to us? What made us stand out?

We weren’t actually looking to get a dog portrait, however I had seen your photograph of the two dogs singing on display at Best in Show and thought “Wow, what a great photo”. About a week later we were at the Muttville fundraiser and a portrait with you was up for bid at the silent auction. I told Whitney we had to bid on it. When we “won” I was thrilled.


Did you feel there was anything missing from our session, or our collaboration?

I would love to see the contact sheets of all the photos.


Anything else you’d like to add?

You’re easy to work with, low key, and patient. I’m not a fan of posing for photographs but you made it pretty simple.





Most people know that three of my favorite things are traditional photography, Pit Bulls, and collaborating with other unique artists. Really, any excuse to pull these things together is a real win/win for me, so recently I asked local analogue guru Christine Zona (of the famed Zona Foto, celebrated expert Lomographer, toy camera teacher, and world traveller) to put me in front of her camera. I wanted to articulate in a fun and easy visual way the complexities and beauty of analogue photography- from loading my camera, to hand-processing film, making darkroom prints, metering my subjects, etc. Christine's creative mind decided to take the entire story out of context and into the studio. Genius! So 842 photographs later(!!), we had a stop motion video that goes a little something like this:


Between Bullet (that handsome hunky Pit Bull) licking my face and Christine making me laugh, it was hard to remain serious through our entire studio shoot. But then again- this is art we're making. Art that I am so incredibly passionate about, proud to be keeping alive, and honored to be able to share with my clients. Traditional photography is a mysterious, difficult craft. It takes years of practice and focus. But it's also a lot of fun and sometimes I just can't help smiling when I'm doing one of my favorite things of life: taking pictures.


Want to learn more about my process and help carve out your own niche in the world of analogue photography? Then be sure to sign up for one of my upcoming classes - you can find a list of them here: TRAVEL/CLASSES


A big THANK YOU!!! to Kristen and Bullet for being such willing, patient, and sweet models.




I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Lola Rose and her mom a few months ago in Los Angeles. Her mom won my Fine Art Dog Photography Package at the Buddha Bark fundraiser for Best Friends Animal Society - I donate photography packages to countless organizations every year, but always love connecting with big groups like Best Friends because they have such a huge impact on how we treat, rescue, and support our country's animals. My session with Lola Rose was truly magical- she is the kind of dog that exudes love and devotion, with a healthy dose of ridiculous. As she sauntered around the house, back yard, zoomed around the table, and sat in her favorite spot staring out the second-story window, she painted a picture of an amazingly happy dog's life. The sparks that flew between Lola, her mom, and her grandpa were amazing. They were a devoted family, and each took care of the others in unique ways. These are some of my favorite images of the past year, and bring me so much joy as a photographer, dog owner, and human being.




What do pitbulls, pin-ups, burlesque, rock and roll, and awesome local art all have in common? Aside from being some of my favorite things, they're also all pulling together to raise money for two incredible pitbull rescue organizations: BADRAP and Pin Ups for Pit Bulls.

The event, aptly named Bullylicious, will be an all-night affair, so bring your party shoes. The gorgeous ladies (and dogs) of this year's Pin Ups for Pit Bulls calendar will be gracing our presence, and are bringing along some friends for a little burlesque fun. There will be local breweries pouring libations, an awesome raffle and silent auction (chock full of amazing items, local art, and, HEY even one of my favorite photos. cool!!), and a few famous BADRAP dogs working the crowd for treats and the chance to slobber on your face. Clearly, this is an adults-only event. So, show off your tattoos, leave the kiddies and fluffy friends at home, and head on over to Alameda for an amazing night of fun(draising). I'll be the official Staff Photog, so make sure you say hello.

Bullylicious- Sat Feb 20th, 7pm-12am

Auto Body Fine Art Gallery: 1517 Park St, Alameda CA 94501

(entry: $10-$20)

And, just to get your bidding taste buds on the ready, here's a preview of the hand-printed framed photograph that I'll be auctioning off. It's one of my favorites, and if you're lucky, it could be yours forever! Matted and framed at a whopping 20x24 inches, this piece will look beautiful in anybody's home, regardless of whether you love pitbulls, or dogs, or photography, or even have a soul at all:

And, to celebrate my ongoing support of BADRAP over the past few years, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite images from my editorial project that I began almost 2 years ago. I approached BADRAP with this project in hopes to share with the larger dog community a more intimate and honest side of pitbull rescue work. Most people never get to see the directors and countless volunteers getting their hands dirty at BADRAP's Shots Fairs, keeping dogs alive at the shelter, or tenderly putting a dog to sleep. Camouflaged by my trusty, smooth-as-butter Nikon F3, I became part of that world, and continue supporting BADRAP and many other bully-breed educational/rescue organizations.

And, to leave you on a slightly lighter note, here was my entry for this year's PinUps for Pitbulls calendar (I was photographing for a friend of mine, but, alas, we didn't win. We're not sore losers, though. Really. We're not. Whatever. Our entry rocked). This late-night photo shoot was SOOO much fun, and features 4 of my favorite dogs ever, tons of make-up, a couple wigs, a few bottles of wine, and lot of upper-body strength. Enjoy!