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Last night the studio was covered in multi-colored Polaroid carnage and dog treats. And I was in heaven. My amazing crew of Doggie Gaga cohorts began making some last minute adjustments to our costumes while I set up the camera. Since this entire project has been, from start to finish, a total celebration of fearless and original creativity, I decided to keep my studio set-up incredibly simple. Simple lighting, simple background, and simple propping. After much tossing and turning the night before, I realized that I wanted the costumes and photographic process to stand out, and nothing else. Multi-head strobe kits and color gels and wind machines had no place here. I wanted the character of the film and the texture of the fabrics to speak for themselves. So I placed the dogs on a couple of dirty apple boxes and waited to see what happened...

All images are untouched Polaroid T-669 instant prints, shot with a Horseman field camera and Polaroid back. It doesn't get more analog and amazing than that. To be honest, it's the most difficult way to photograph dogs, but produces such warm, textured images. It's a true salute to my favorite photographic company on the planet, and the people who are taking risks to keep it alive.

Want to vote for your favorite? Want to see more? Want to learn more about the crew? Visit the official Doggie Gaga Project Facebook page.  We'll be posting videos and more photos soon.



Rounding up the last votes for 2010 Beast of the Bay Awards

So, if for some reason you either a) don't receive my newsletter

b) aren't a fan of my biz on Facebook

c) don't follow me on Twitter

d) or just aren't in regular ear shot of my charming wit

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are only *gasp* 3.75 more days left to vote for the 2010 Beast of the Bay awards. For everyone living in the dog-centric Bay Area, this is a really fun and comprehensive who's-who list put out by the Baywoof (one of our great local doggie papers). Readers get to vote for their favorite dog-friendly cafe, their favorite dog walker, groomer, vet clinic, and even, yes, their Favorite Photographer!

As much as I want to win Best Photographer, I also want to give a leg-up to a few of my special dog community friends. So, if you find that you have a minute in the next day or two amidst your busy lives, and want to take a minute (really, it only takes a minute) to fill out the Beast of the Bay 2010 online ballot, here are a few friendly suggestions that you might want to consider. Along with me, of course, for Best Photographer.

Best Canine Friendly Winery: Mutt Lynch (food and drink)

Best Pet Boutique: Hazel and Gerties (shopping)

Best Locally Made Dog Stuff: Paco Collars (shopping)

Best Veterinarian: Dr. Calvin Lum (health and wellness)

Best Doggie Daycare + Boarding: High Tail Hotel (canine services)

Best Private Trainer: Bob Gutierrez (canine services)

Best Photographer: Jesse Freidin (canine services- THAT'S ME!)

All these referrals are linked to each person's website, so if you're curious about some of the best dog products around, surf on over and learn a little bit about some of my good friends. Here's the link to vote, and thanks again!! Good luck to me, and everyone else.

BEAST OF THE BAY 2010 BALLOT - free, easy, fun, no log in required

(and, if your'e zealous, you can vote every day from multiple email addresses and really push me over the top!!)

And to keep things interesting, here are a few images from one of the many events I've done with Mutt Lynch Winery. I like to lug my huge large format 4x5 Field Camera (with the Polaroid back) up to the vineyard to help raise money for their local animal shelter. I love photographing dogs with this camera- it is so big and gorgeous, and really challenges me to act upon that perfect decisive moment where the dog and I am truly connected. That is when I pop my cable release and the shutter makes that wonderful KACHUNK sound. Magic! And pulling Polaroids makes the whole experience even more unique and beautiful.