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Ever since I started my career I’ve donated to countless fundraisers for organizations, and animal non profits that I truly believe in. Since the begging it’s been a great way to not only give back (over the past 15 years I’m assuming I’ve helped raise maybe $10,000 for groups all over the country), but to simply get out into the community and get to know who’s doing the good work. It’s really a win-win for everyone involved, and often times I’ll donate a Fine Art Dog Photography Session and small print which means people get to bid over the item at a silent or live auction, donate that money to a cause I care deeply about (thanks, donors!) and in the end I get a great new client in the door. I’ll always continue doing these kinds of donations, and teach my Mentoring Students to do the same.

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Sienna and Sedona’s people won a Santa Fe Fine Art Dog Photography Session from a recent fundraiser gala, and we had such a great time working together. We had to push up our Photography Session date because Sienna, their oldest dog, was battling cancer for the second time. She was a fighter who had already lost half her jaw to cancer a few years back. Now she was facing health issues yet again we all knew that we were working on borrowed time. As always, working with senior dogs and dogs living through illness brings an extra sense of emotion and responsibility to a Santa Fe dog photography session.

We met at their beautiful home in Santa Fe, full of wonderful art pieces, a great patio and a perfectly long driveway which provided a fun runway for the dogs to play and fetch the paper (a skill that Sedona, the younger dog, did amazingly well and with true panache). The dogs were relaxed at home, lounging on the patio furniture and being playful. I moved this great outdoor couch into the shade so that the dogs could have a place to focus their attention, while I made sure the bright and smooth New Mexico shade lit them nicely.

We finished our Fine Art Dog Photography Session with some relaxed family portraits, and in the end I knew we had created a really easy breezy group of portraits of both Sienna and Sedona that honored not only their relationship with each other, but their role as loving, silly companions for their humans. These pieces will adorn my client’s new home in Santa Fe, and I’m honored to have my work be exhibited amongst their wonderful art collection. Thanks for a great session, guys!

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