Polaroid Photobooth for Dogs: Sat Oct 26 @ Marty's Meals Santa Fe

Polaroid Photo Booth for Dogs

Saturday October 26, 11am - 2pm

@ Marty’s Meals: 506 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe NM

Proceeds benefit Assistance Dogs of the West


Visitors save 25% on a Fine Art Dog Photography Session


Each real, instant print is signed, placed in a vintage folio and yours to love forever.

Can’t wait to see you at this upcoming Instant Doggie Photobooth! One of my favorite things to do for special events, this is literally the ONLY Polaroid photo booth for dogs of it’s kind. Trust me. My set up always includes a beautiful vintage hand-painted canvas background and a simple vintage posing stool. Guests come in one at a time for an incredibly magical and crips instant portrait. You get to watch us develop the Polaroid film, peel it apart and be wow-ed by the process.

As always, these events fill up FAST so show up early, put your name on the Sign In sheet, and browse the store until we’re ready for you. Please keep your dog on a leash in the store. Socialized dogs only - no need for anxious or aggressive dogs in the middle of a crowded fun dog party!

Got questions? Just ask: studio@jessefreidin.com

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