A Dog and Cat in Santa Fe

santa fe pet photographer

My client adopted Dottie from the streets of India as a puppy. India is known for it’s feral dog population, and when my client was traveling there she came across a tiny, helpless, homeless little puppy that she just fell in love with. Street dogs in India have hard lives - they have to fight for their food, wander constantly to find safe shelter and do what they can to avoid disease. There are countless organizations around the world that go to India to rescue feral street dogs and puppies, and my client decided to do the same when she saw how sweet and helpless little Dottie was.

It took a lot of work to get her back to the States, but after some quarantine and lots of vaccinations Dottie was finally home. Transitioning from a scared, homeless puppy on the streets to living in a beautiful home in Santa Fe was not easy. Dottie was shy at first, but soon warmed up and began to bond with my client. She learned to trust that she was safe, that there would always be clean water and food for her and that she didn’t have to fight for her place in a pack anymore.

Mostly, anyway. She did have to put up her with older brother Doc - an enormous Maine Coon. Thankfully, they got along well from the start, with a few quirks to their relationship. I love photographing sibling animals because wether they love each other, hate each other or are indifferent - it’s the body language that tells the real story. This portrait was a favorite of mine, and quickly became a favorite of my client’s as well. We put together a large edition of this which was installed in the bedroom, replacing an older black and white print that my client was ready to let go of. I love exhibiting work of an image taken in a big, bright bedroom, of that big bright bedroom, in that same big, bright bedroom. It’s all very meta.

Thanks for a great Santa Fe dog photography session, guys!

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