Jazzy + Tazzy: Shelter Dogs Turned Forever Dogs in Santa Fe


I photographed Jazzy and Tazzy in Santa Fe recently. Though they look so much alike, these dogs aren’t related - they’re both fluffy, kind of long and short Poodle mixes that my clients rescued from very poor situations. Jazzy was living in a home many years ago where she was being neglected and abused, and somehow my clients found out about her terrible situation. They saw a small, matted and scared puppy that simply was stuck in a home where she was not allowed to be a dog but deep down still had a real desire for life. It didn’t take long for Jazzy to come into herself once in the care of my clients - they nursed her back to health and she grew into the loving, social, playful dog she is now.

Not long after that my clients saw Tazzy’s picture on the Santa Fe Animal Shelter’s website. Just like Jazzy, Tazzy had been pulled from a terrible living situation and was emaciated and afraid. I think my clients were so enamored with the fact that she matched their first dog that Tazzy quickly joined their family in Santa Fe. Now these two fluffy siblings live the good life in Santa Fe - chasing squirrels, napping in the sun, and sticking close to their people.


These dog portraits are soft and inviting, just like the subjects. There is such a sense of place in these images - something about the details of this home, and the abstracted background of my clients makes these black and white dog portraits feel so satisfying. This series of photographs were added to a beautiful Santa Fe home, and I’m sure we’ll do more work together in the future. Thanks for a great session, Jazzy and Tazzy!

Jesse FreidinComment