Creative Resources Conference in the Berkshires

I'm honored to be a presenter at the third annual Creative Resources Conference next week, in Dalton MA (that's in the Berkshires). This event is really special. It brings together creatives, artists, small business owners, marketers, web developers, designers, craftspeople and more for a full day of workshops. Focused specifically on the creative economy (that's the local system of artistic small businesses) in the Berkshires, this wonderful conference is a way for creatives to learn how to improve their small businesses, connect with other creatives and grow their network of colleagues and collaborators. 

I'll be part of the afternoon set of marketing presentations. Our panel will run from 3:00 - 4:15pm and will focus on social media for artists. I'm so excited to chat with my fellow presenters about how artists can use social media in an authentic and effective way. We'll have a great moderator guiding our discussion, and I know there will be so much amazing information shared between all of us. If you're a Berkshire creative/artist and run your own business, this is THE conference for you. 



Artists & Creatives: Stepping Up with Social Media    3:00 - 4:15pm
For many artists, social media is used strictly to catch up with family and connect with friends. It can be a great tool for businesses, but some artists don’t know how to create content about their work and process. Knowing when to post and, more importantly, what to say can be difficult and time-consuming. This session will provide best practices for artists who want to give their creative enterprise a boost using social media.

Jesse Freidin, Jesse Freidin Photography
Sienna Patti, Sienna Patti Contemporary
Kaitlyn Pierce, Pierce Social
Dawn Stanyon, Professionality Consulting (Moderator)

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