Museum of Dog is OPEN!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Museum of Dog has finally opened it's doors! It feels like it was only yesterday that David York, the museum's owner/director, stepped into my studio during last year's Open Studios at the Eclipse Mill and introduced himself. He mentioned that he had just bought the old bar down the street and was going to turn it into a dog art museum. To be honest, I didn't believe him. Not until we really got to know each other and I heard all about his deep passion for dog art, his extensive and eclectic art collection, and his plans for cleaning up the old dive bar. 

Now that old dive bar has been totally turned around - while still retaining a certain amount of rustic New England charm. The Museum of Dog feels like walking into the personal collection of one of the country's biggest dog art collectors. And, that's exactly what it is. Walking in the door of the museum you're greeted by dog sculpture (both contemporary and antique), paintings (both fine art and folk art), photographs (both professional - ie Wegman - and found art), newspaper clippings, vintage dog collars and much more. It has the feel of a warm living room, and you get a personal tour of all the artifacts if you sign up online:

I'm honored to be exhibiting at the Museum of Dog in their rotating gallery. My dog photography show just went up on the walls, and the museum will soon have copies of my books for sale as well. Please join me for the museum's grand opening on Friday April 27th. More info to come about that on my Facebook page (which is right here: )

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