A Gang of Terriers in Santa Fe


My Santa Fe Dog Photography studio is getting busy, and I’m pretty thrilled about it. Santa Fe (and Albuquerque, and Taos, and Denver, and Aspen etc) is incredibly beautiful - we have mountains, desert, lots of sunshine, lots of beautiful dog-friendly hiking trails and LOTS of outdoor space. It’s an artist’s dreamland and I’m so happy to have settled into Santa Fe. My new Santa Fe dog photography clients are really the perfect profile of client - they are exactly who I want to be working with and that makes it a win-win for everyone.


I photographed this scruffy crew of Terriers a few weeks ago, and basically just chased them around their beautiful ranch property in Santa Fe for an hour. Often times I had at least one dog in my lap or licking my hands while I was photographing. It was like a dog circus and I was a terrible conductor. However, as I always tell clients, often times photography sessions look like total chaos from the outside yet actually they are going just as I planned. I love the chaos that ensues when you put four adorable tiny rescue dogs together - they are always running in opposite directions and not really doing what you want and you have to crawl around on rocks and get dirty and sweaty and by the end of the session you need a snack - but that is all part of the job description. Instead of being stressed out or upset that these sweet little scruffy pups were mostly ignoring me, I let myself fall into the chaos and energy and joy of the moment. The result was a series of beautiful portraits, with beautiful Santa Fe light, lots of texture and a whole lot of love.

Thanks Emmy, Finn, Babette and Sukoshi - you are all very good dogs.

Jesse FreidinComment