Young Love (and dogs) in The Berkshires


This was a pretty special dog photography session in the Berkshires. Exactly one day after I met these wonderful humans and their dog Sweet Pea - they were engaged! How magical. I could tell things were astir when we met by the Smith College Pond in Northampton, Mass. There was an air of giddy love and secrecy, which made our photography session so much fun! Intimate and silly and creative and natural, all enveloped in beautiful dappled East Coast Summer light and perfect natural texture from our little hike through the woods. 


Sweet Pea, a certified service dog, hopped into the river immediately after being let off leash. Which I thought was perfect (however, my clients were a little embarrassed). I love when dogs do weird things, because dogs are animals and my job is to celebrate and illustrate their quirks and their intentions and their character. Sweet Pea just really wanted to get in that water! So I spent some time photographing her exploring the river, letting all the great soggy dog texture add to our dog portraits. 

So often clients get wrapped up in trying to prepare for our session - what to wear, where to photograph, how their dog will behave etc. For years, I've been telling clients to simply relax and let me steer our session. Building trust and comfort between me and my clients is consistently my number one priority. Making strong dog portraits is never hard, but transforming strangers from skeptical perspective clients to relaxed, happy, trusting clients is not an easy process. However, it's one of the best parts of my job. These guys were a little nervous when we first met, which is totally normal. Within 10 minutes I had them laughing with me, relaxed and comfortable in their own skin, and present enough to show their love to me. Total success. The rest was easy. Thanks for a great session, guys and congrats on your engagement!

Jesse FreidinComment