Publishing a Dog Photography Book: How To?

After successfully running a near $20,000 Kickstarter campaign and turning that into a book deal and then completing a bi-coastal book tour, I've received a lot of emails and phone calls about how exactly I turned a creative side project into a published dog photography book. So, here is a list of suggestions for any dog photographers looking to get their newest project in front of an interested publisher:

(Keep in mind - my Dog Photography Mentoring + Coaching Sessions are the best way to really get into the nitty gritty of the crowdfunding and publishing process. However, this is a great place to start). 


1) Have a Totally New Idea
Do not copy your fellow artists. Look at what projects/concepts have already been done, and think of a completely unique and new idea. If your idea does not inspire you deeply, does not keep you up at night, does not light a fire inside of you - it's not enough. 

2) Content Is Key
Relying on cute photos to carry the entire weight of your book is lazy. Our world is saturated with cute photos of animals, we do not need any more! Also, anyone can take a cute photo. A real artist makes images with meaning. Make sure your project has a message that is articulated through your imagery (or writing, of course!). 

3) Promote Your Project
A very important step in getting your dog photography book published is promotion. Even if you do get a book deal (fingers crossed), your publisher will most likely not be doing much publicity for you. It will be up to you to market your book, get the word out, and make sure it sells. Social media is enormously powerful, but don't forget about in-person events where you can give readers an inside look into your process. Also, make sure your book gets into the hands of media editors (both print and online) that have an interest in the topic. Google the heck out of writers and outlets and make sure each person gets a personalized letter or email along with a copy of the book or PDF sample. 


Got questions? Want to learn more about publishing a dog photography book or how to crowdfunding a creative side project? I'd love to help you out via a Dog Photography Mentoring Session or Dog Photography Class

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