Book Tour Update: On The Road with "Finding Shelter"

The 'Finding Shelter' book tour has been amazing so far! I've been doing book tour events on both the East and West coasts with more events happening through the Summer (you can see a full list of Finding Shelter book signings here: It's been a thrilling combination of totally exhausting, completely rewarding, and genuinely fun and exciting. 

Selling books is great and all, and as a full-time artist making a living off of my photography is an enormous part of my job. But the true value in this book tour for me has been meeting so many deeply stellar people (and dogs, of course) along the way. At every book signing for 'Finding Shelter' I made sure to shake hands with the people who gave money to my Kickstarter campaign, take time to chat with each and every person who got their book signed, draw attention to the shelters and rescues the co-sponsored each event with me so that visitors got introduced to their work and also donated to their causes. It was a real group effort, and I felt a lot of love from the shelter and rescue communities, especially the volunteers who showed up. 

'Finding Shelter' will continue to have a positive impact on the shelter/rescue world - I'm very sure of that. 

Another great thing that happened in the past two weeks is that 'Finding Shelter' became a #1 New Release on Amazon! Now that's pretty cool. 

I hope you can join me at one of the upcoming book signing events (info here: And in case you missed the last two weeks of events, here's a quick recap: