Finding Shelter is available on Amazon!

Whoa guys! The book is really here! 

I almost can't believe that after three years of hard, consistent work on this little passion project, 'Finding Shelter' has been published and is officially for sale at Amazon, Target,and  Barnes + Noble (and your local indie bookstore on April 1st). To be honest- it feels surreal. Never in a million years did I imagine getting a book deal for this project, and never in a million years did I imagine having a creative side-project of mine be for sale on the world's largest book retailer. I'm almost too exhausted from this whole process to be excited. 

But- I AM EXCITED! And I'm really proud. And more importantly I'm so grateful for all the shelters and volunteer coordinators and volunteers and staff across the country who made time for me and helped me bring this to fruition. The book thanks all those people, and lists every shelter involved. 

I'll be embarking on a 'Finding Shelter' book tour starting in April, going through May and probably into Summer 2017. You can keep up with all book-related events on the 'Finding Shelter' website:



I'm thrilled to be sharing this book with you, and hope you'll come out to a book signing event, or buy a copy on Amazon, or send a copy to your favorite volunteer or dog advocate. I'll be sharing lots more behind-the-scenes content and unpublished photos here on the blog in the coming weeks - so stay tuned!

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