Dog Photography Feature on Mrs. Sizzle

When I started photographing dogs many years ago (has it been nearly ten years already....), I started searching for like-minded artists and animal activists and began building my community. It was easy to find friends and colleagues in the dog world that shared my theories on the dog/human bond and who were also passionate about understanding and loving and living with canines. The hard part was finding people in the art world who understood what was truly beautiful about visually documenting the dog/human bond in our contemporary art world. People who respected and revered what dogs brought to an artist's perspective and work, and who were bringing the conversation about dog art forward. 

What I found when I started out was a vast, nearly uncrossable space between the world of fine art photography and the world of dogs. Of course there were some incredible heavy-hitter artists that were working in this space- Elliot Erwitt, William Wegman, and Tim Flach to name my favorites— though these guys were doing commercial work or private series and not working with private clients.  There weren't a lot of contemporary artists who you could hire for a private commission that approached the subject from a fine art perspective. And even less were the number of people who were talking about dog art in the same way. As artists, we need curators and collectors and critics to create a conversation about work that is being made, or work that has been made, and connect us all. 

Thankfully I did end up meeting a great artist and dog lover who ran a blog called DOG ART TODAY. It was a weekly round up of contemporary dog art combined with dog art history lessons. I became friends with the woman who wrote and curated that blog, and we built a great relationship and collaborated so many times over the years. Her site was the only source or real art criticism about this niche dog art world, and I loved it! Sadly, DOG ART TODAY paused publication in 2015, though hopefully it will begin again. I strongly suggest checking out the site by clicking here:

And now there's a new blog in town, and it's really great. It's called Mrs. Sizzle, curated and written by Suzanne Donaldson. An experienced art buyer and critic- the site pulls together the best contemporary dog art, artists and exhibits happening around New York and across the country. It's a great site with a strong message about adoption and rescue causes. I'm honored to have a feature up there right now, which you can see here

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