The New Site Is Alive!

Wow- after almost 5 years of having the same exact website, I finally took the leap and did a complete website redesign. And I'm so glad about it! My old site was great, worked really well, and certainly functioned as a website should. But the design was never spectacular and it didn't have the modern, simplistic feel I wanted. 

So, for the past few months I've been working on redesigning the look, feel, and flow of to give visitors and clients a smoother experience in getting to know me and my studio. 

I hope you like it. And I hope you click through all the pages and do all the scrolling you want and flip through my newly selected portfolio- which probably has some familiar dog portraits, and some new dog portraits. I made sure to include a few cat portraits too, and certainly some photography of kids and dogs, and dog and family photography as well. These dog photos are from pet photography clients in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Enjoy- and be sure to share your thoughts on the new design! You can do so via email (just use our CONTACT page), or on our Facebook page


Jesse FreidinComment