Black and White Photography as a Practice

Black and white dog photography has been my specialty for nearly the past decade, and people often ask why I don't shoot in color. First, it's what everyone else does - so why do it? I'm not interested in letting my work look like everyone else's work, and photographing exclusively in black and white lets my style stand apart. But the real reason is that my mind understands things much better without color. Black and white photography literally forces the photographer (and viewer) to create meaning in a truly pure way— because without color, all you have is tonality. And getting to play with the countless possibilities of tonality and greys and whites and blacks is just so exciting for me as an artist. 

When you take away color, you are forced to focus your imagery and let the strength of your photographs rest on composition, emotion and connection. This is what I love most about photography. Here's a great site I ran across that echoes those sentiments: 

Jesse FreidinComment