Artists Turn Back to the Work

Though the work I create for my clients is always deeply personal and emotional, I rarely put myself in front of the lens or open up about what matters truly to me as an individual. Yet as I finally claw my way out of what has been a very dark and frightening past week, one thing has become clear to me - artists always return to the work.

Aside from being responsible for producing beautifully printed editions for clients as the year comes to a close, I am responsible as an artist for never abandoning my creative voice, never abandoning my tools, never walking away from my role as someone who observes our society and uses my medium as a mirror for change and connection. 

As the coming months bring vague promises of tumultuousness and instability, let's not abandon the work. I'm very privileged to be able to get to know each and every one of you so closely, and to live for just a few moments within the love and warmth of your connections, absorbing the kindness of your companions and the histories you've shared. There is deep power in the act of observing love amidst strife, and even more power in marking that love with a permanent reminder to refuel you each and every day. 

I cherish the prints I have of my family, and the prints I have of Pancake (my sidekick who is officially in his senior years). These printed editions — these beloved objects — carry a power that can never be taken away from you. So let's continue creating work together and compiling images of love amidst strife. 

Jesse FreidinComment