Diane Arbus's Exhibit at the Met in New York

Diane Arbus has long been one of my photography heroes. Her grainy, intimate voyeuristic work lit a fire in me when I first became interested in portraiture, and I find myself constantly turning to her for inspiration and cosmic support. The Met in New York is currently showing a never-before-seen collection of Diane Arbus' very early work, all done on her 35mm camera (not the medium format square portraits she is so known for, which came later). These prints and negatives were hidden in a storage space for years, then uncovered in 2007, and the exhibit began to take shape. 

I can't wait to visit this exhibit when I'm in New York for New York dog photography sessions in September and November. Getting to stand in front of a hero's work is one of the most incredible feelings, and always recharges my creative batteries. Let me know if you want to come along!

Exhibit info can be found here. 

Jesse FreidinComment