It's been a real whirlwind in the studio ever since I launched the Finding Shelter Kickstarter campaign, and I'm just finally able to come up for air and take a little rest from all this exciting (yet exhausting) work. This being my very first attempt at online crowdfunding, I was pretty nervous to be honest. I was unsure if people would understand my intent with this project, and see the depth, beauty, and storytelling within these images. I couldn't sleep the night before the Kickstarter launch, and grappled with a lot of self-doubt and anxiety (nothing abnormal for a professional artist- I doubt any of us sleep all that much). Fast forward to the morning of the launch, all went smoothly. A few hours later I get an email from Kickstarter leeting me know that my project had been selected as a coveted 'Staff Pick' and was on the front page. It stayed in the 'What's Popular' section of Kickstarter's website for at least two weeks. Then, the media started pouring in. Of course, I had done all my homework and had already reached out to a handful of important media sources (online and in print) that I thought would not only connect with the work, but also want to share it. One or two of those came through, which was great, but then I started getting interview requests and publications asking to share the work simply organically. And it was at that point- just a few days into the fundraising campaign- that I felt like what I had always thought was so special and intriguing and heartwarming/heartbreaking about Finding Shelter was being articulated in such a way that individuals all over the world were taking action and being inspired. As an artist- there is simply nothing better.

Below are some fun places Finding Shelter has been featured in the past three weeks- click on the images to visit the full story. Starting on Monday, we'll be in our final week of fundraising and it's the MOST IMPORTANT week! Though I've already reached my very modest goal, I still need to raise additional funds so that I can cover the enormous cost of cross country travel for me and my two assistants, food/gas/lodging, van rental, photo supplies/equipment, and more. I'm on the verge of signing with a publisher to publish this book and make it a HUGE success, which is nothing less than a dream come true. What I need now is your support to bring my Kickstarter funds up to $20,000 so that this trip can happen smoothly, safely and with the support I need.

Click here to visit the Finding Shelter Kickstarter page, and pre-order your book (or some prints, or cards, or tshirt, or a private photo class etc) today:



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