It's an honor to be featured in the current issue of Vogue Korea magazine. This issue is dedicated to pets of all sorts, and has a big section called Pets and Art which showcases a small handful of some of the world's best contemporary dog artists- including a few of my favorites: Elliot Erwitt and Agnetha Sjogren. What a great feeling to have my fine art dog photography included in this pets and art section. Below are a few digital tear sheets from the magazine. The life of an artist is never smooth sailing. Things are always up and down, with the ups getting bigger and better every year, and the downs getting tougher and tougher. As I transition from being a California artist to my new North Adams, Massachusetts studio I am certainly feeling the challenge of uprooting the hardwork I've put into growing roots in San Francisco and Los Angeles as a nationally recognized dog photographer. I know it will take a while to get settled into my new home and studio, and foster my New York client connections. But amidst all of this slight turmoil I wake up to an email featuring my black and white dog photography alongside one of my heros- Elliott Erwitt. And you know what- everything snaps right into perspective and I realize that my dog photography is speaking to people not only in Los Angeles and San Francisco and New York and Boston- but all the way around the world in Korea. And that's a pretty excellent feeling.

Vogue Korea pet issue

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