findingshelter.bts6.jessefreidin I'll be launching the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for my Finding Shelter book in a few weeks, and recently met up with my good friend and documentary film maker Eva Moss at the spcaLA to create our Kickstarter video.  Eva filmed me photographing a bunch of amazing spcaLA volunteers for the Finding Shelter series- as always, the spcaLA staff and volunteers were nothing less than welcoming, hopsitable and incredibly patient with all of us. Two cameras, two photographers, one assistant, and lots of shelter animals coming in and out of our pop-up studio. Here are some fun behind the scenes images of our shoot. You can visit the Finding Shelter website here: to learn more about this inspirational portrait series celebrating the intimate bond between animal shelter volunteer and the abandoned animals they care for.

findingshelter.bts5.jessefreidin findingshelter.bts4.jessefreidin findingshelter.bts3.jessefreidin findingshelter.bts2.jessefreidin