Ben and his human live in one of the best parts of Northern California- Half Moon Bay. I was invited to take a magical early morning walk among the cyprus trees at Moss Beach for this Half Moon Bay dog photography session- the light streaming through the branches and the brightness relfecting off the enormous ocean and bouncing off the thin layer of marine fog gave us a few hours of soft, cool light in which to photograph. Ben- a large white Great Pyrenees mix- was over-joyed to be running around this little local Half Moon Bay forest, zigging and zagging through the trees and playing with his human. I start every dog photography session with a mandatory meeting at my San Francisco dog photography studio so that I can get to know my clients on a deeper level, and so that we can discuss what their relationship with their companions is truly like, and most importantly plan our dog photography session. This is such a crucial part of my process, because it is during this first meeting that I am building (in my mind) a fully formed mental image of this completely unique relationship, and transferring that into visual imagery in my head. These concepts will guide me during our San Francisco dog photography session, allowing me to be free to simply create images- informed by the information my clients have given me and the deep understanding I have gained about their relationship with their dogs.  It is an intense process- start to finish- for both my clients and I. In the end, the result is a series of black and white dog portraits that are truly unique to their experience and intensely honest. San Francisco Dog Photography San Francisco Dog Photographer Dog Photographer in San Francisco