Los Angeles Dog Photography I photographed Roofus, Laddie and Benny up in gorgeous Topanga Canyon recently. High up in the hills of Los Angeles, these Topanga Canyon dog portraits are full of that perfect LA canyon light. It feels a bit similar to my favorite Cape Cod light, but it's a bit brighter and larger. Photographing dogs in Topanga Canyon is always such a real pleasure. Roofus, Laddie, Benny and I all took a nice little walk up a local trail which is where we created most of our Topanga Canyon dog portraits, using the great local texture and natural light. I met Roofus at an NKLA/Best Friends adoptathon a while back- Roofus (pictured above) is a young, beautiful Golden Retriever who was born with front legs that were not fully formed, and no eyes. Because he was born with these attributes, he has never known life any other way. For that reason, Roofus is a totally normal young Golden Retriever. He has prosthetics for his front legs, and even without them gets around wonderfully. He is being fostered with volunteers from the Golden Retriever Club Rescue of Los Angeles, and hopefully will find a loving forever home soon.

Los Angeles Dog Photography Los Angeles Dog Photography