Cyber Monday Pet Photography Discount!

2015 Maker's Monday Pet Photo Discount

2015 Maker's Monday Pet Photo Discount

Celebrate "Maker's Monday" (the analog response to Cyber Monday) right here in the studio with a pet photography discount. I don't offer many holiday discounts during the year, but this is one that you don't want to miss. For the next 10 DAYS, I'll be offering a $500 savings for everyone who schedules a 2015 Fine Art Dog Photography Session in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Your 2015 pet photography session can be booked for any available date on my 2015 calendar, but you'll need to confirm your date via deposit of the Creative Fee within the NEXT 10 DAYS! So don't hesitate, because studio discounts like this only happen once a year.

To take advantage of this $500 SAVINGS, please get in touch: 213.293.8732 // STUDIO Los Angeles 415.370.5054 // STUDIO San Francisco Or, use our contact form by clicking here

This offer is valid until Friday December 12 2014, and applies to 2015 Photography Session that are purchased via deposit of the Creative Fee. $500 savings applies to prints only. 

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