I recently photographed the amazing volunteers of one of my all time favorite San Francisco dog rescue groups, Muttville. It was a breezy and bright day on 'Rescue Row' - the side street where the SFSPCA headquarters are, along with a handful of lucky rescue groups like Muttville and Northern California Family Dog Rescue. I set up my seamless in a big patch of open shade, and spent a few fun hours chatting with the Muttville volunteers and staff, and photographing them with one of their favorite adoptable animals for my 'Finding Shelter' portrait series. One of their volunteers, Tim Oben, is a fellow professional photographer (when he's not caring for senior rescue dogs- he's a real busy guy obviously) and was kind enough to take some great behind-the-scenes photos of our session. As you'll see, I had to pull some creative photographer moves and wedge myself inbetween to parked cars. It was actually fairly cozy. Thanks to Tim for documenting the process, and thanks to Sherri and everyone at Muttville for making time to be part of this inspiring photography series. 2014_Oct_8_Muttville_Jolene & Jesse_1_done_email


2014_Oct_8_Muttville_Jesse Freidin shoot_1_done_email


Muttville Volunteer photos