losangelespetphotographer I photographed Mia, Luigia and Paolo recently in Los Angeles. Their dads used to be in the fashion industry, and now make amazing beauty products. On top of that, they spend much of their time raising money for no-kill animal shelters and organizations- a cause that's very dear to my heart. I knew our Los Angeles dog photography session would be so much fun, seeing as how each dog arrived with their own wardrobe and jewelry box. Since these three little dogs lived all the way down in Orange County, I was invited to meet the whole family at a fancy hotel in dog-friendly Downtown LA where the light was perfect, the walls were clean and white and the brightness of the room really gave these dog portraits such a warm and fun feel. The love and closeness shared between all three dogs and their doting humans was a true joy to witness. And, their request for color images was a very refreshing change of pace!