Last weekend's Instant Doggie Photobooth at Maxwell Dog in Los Angeles was a whole lot of fun. I've been adding to my vintage area rug collection, and decided to use this new pastel/southwestern number. The warmth of the instant Fuji peel-apart film, soft light, and handsome dogs really blended well with the tones and texture of the new rug. It photographed really well with the instant film. Below are some of my favorite out-takes from the Instant Doggie Photobooth - as always, I take two exposures and let guests choose their favorite (well, sometimes I help them choose because let's face it- it's not easy choosing between two flattering polaroids of your dog). Once their favorite portrait has been selected, I let it dry and then place it in a vintage Polaroid folio which is signed and dated. It's a magical process, and people love it. I love it, too. Polaroid Dog Photobooth by Jesse Freidin

Jesse Freidin Photobooth

Doggie Photobooth by Jesse Freidin

Polaroid Doggie Photobooth