My Finding Shelter series has been picking up some great press recently, which is both exciting and affirming. When you set out to create a piece of work truly for yourself, without any kind of advertising/business agenda and people take notice and feel inspired by it, that is a wonderful feeling. Finding Shelter is an homage to the tireless work of animal shelter and rescue group volunteer whose dedication goes unnoticed by 99% of the world. Their faces should not be anonymous. Their identities and love for abandoned animals should not be overshadowed by the faces of shelter pets looking for homes. Because without these volunteers, those animals would never be healthy, socialized, and prepared for their new lives. It's a fascinating story for me, and I'm honored to have the beginning of this series be featured in my favorite publication for contemporary dog art, Four & Sons.Finding Shelter: Four & Sons



Finding Shelter: Insituto Perro On the surface Finding Shelter is a photography series about animal shelter volunteers, but it is really an exploration of the way humans and animals heal each other. My theory is that animal shelters and rescue groups are not just places where animals go to be taken care of and nurtured by humans. I believe shelters are places of mutual healing where humans and animals heal each other. The above feature in 'Instituto Perro' and the below blog interview with 'Health Paws Pet Insurance' touch on that sentiment.


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