I photographed a wonderful family the other weekend at Huntington Dog Beach in Orange County- one of Los Angeles' most famous dog beaches. It was my first time visiting Huntington Beach, and luckily we were graced with my favorite kind of overcast skies giving everything a bright, soft glow. My clients (who are expecting their first child in a matter of days!), requested color film for this session, which I thought was a great idea, seeing as how we'd have those wonderful Los Angeles grey/blue skies and the crashing of the blue waves to play with. This was a really fun Los Angeles dog photography session- here are a few favorite images: LA Pet Photography

Dog Photography Los Angeles

Pet Photography LA

Huntington Dog Beach Photography LA

LA Pet Photography

Los Angeles Dog Photography

Photographing dogs at the beach can be really challenging, and it's not something I typically recommend. Dogs can be very distracted, which makes it hard to bond with them and keep a connection between me, my camera, and the dog subject. There are lots of interesting smells, dogs, creatures, and people to explore while doing a dog beach photography session. The upside is an amazing backdrop for dog portraits, textures, movement, and tons of space for dogs to run and be themselves. My approach, as always, is to simply let the dogs do what comes naturally, and observe the beauty of those genuine moments.