Daisy is a lazy Golden Retriever, surrounded by a family that loves and cares for her deeply. As one of four siblings, Daisy takes her role as middle child quite seriously. When my client commissioned me, he requested photos of each of his children with Daisy, which would then be given to them as gifts. I thought it was such a sweet sentiment, and began my fine art dog photography session working with each sibling separately. As we were photographing, I asked them which sibling they thought Daisy preferred the most. The answer was unanimous- "Dad." Clearly, Daisy loves Dad most, and everyone accepts it. I was laughing throughout most of our San Francisco pet photography session, as was everyone else. Including Daisy. Though I'm pretty sure she would have preferred not being disturbed during her napping hour. black and white pet photos dog photos black and white san francisco pet photographer san francisco dog photography

This San Francisco pet photography session was so much fun. I love nothing more than being invited into people's lives to articulate an inspiring relationship, and tell the story of a loving family dog.

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