Wile E the German Shepherd/Collie mix really lived up to his name. Though unlike Wile E Coyote he had not one ounce of evilness in his body. He would never drop an anvil on an innocent little bird or blow anything up with dynamite. He was a young, incredibly sweet and gentle dog and I was completely enamoured with him throughout our Los Angeles Pet Photography Session. LA dog photography LA dog photography

Because dogs are not one-sided animals, I like creating dog portraits both inside and outside the home. These favorite images from our print collection were thoughtfully curated by my client to show both sides of her companion's personality- the playful, wild side (sticks in his fur, tongue hanging out, running circles around the house), and the sweet, gentle side (snuggled in bed). This was  a wonderful Los Angeles Pet Photography Session. The bright, diffused light of the beatiful Pacific Palisades gives these black and white dog portraits a soft and open feel that I love.

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