When Snoop (the Beagle) and Snubu's (the Terrier/Pitbull/Italian Greyhound mix) humans commissioned me a few months ago, they told me that they had been searching for the right photographer for years. I was humbled and honored, of course, to have been chosen as the artist who would finally be able to celebrate and articulate the deep love they have for their amazing animal companions, and I think all those emotions come through in the images from our San Francisco dog photography session. dog photography los angeles The reason I invite my clients to my studio for a Creative Consultation, which is free of course, is so that they can get to know me, get to know my work, and decide on their own terms if I'm the right photographer for them. I think all artists should allow their clients to meet them first before committing financially. As artists, our personalities inform so much of what we do, and how we see the world- which in turn affects how we create. I've heard so many times over the years from my clients about experiences with other photographers who were only mediocre, or clients like Snoop and Snubu's family who had been searching and searching for the right photographer- not having felt a connection with any. My style and approach to fine art dog photography is certainly unique, and it is not for everybody. Which is something I appreciate. When clients finally make it into my studio, I know they have thought very hard about commissioning the right artist, and 99% of the time it's a perfect fit. The rest is easy. LA pet photographer pet portraits los angeles pet portraits LA Los Angeles pet portraits Thanks for an inspiring San Francisco dog photography session, Snoop and Snubu. You both really won me over.