This was such a fun Mission District dog photography session! Many of my clients are creatives in one way or another- they are artists themselves, they work for a creative company, are designers or decorators or art collectors. This client worked in the film industry, so of course she had a great eye for visuals and came to our Creative Consultation with some excellent ideas. She wanted an urban feel, and images that spoke to her love of San Francisco. We decided to meet in the Mission District to work with the great public murals and grit of the city. It was a great decision. bay area dog photographer

My client also requested color film, which was a real change of pace from my usual black and white dog photography. I loaded my Contax 645 with my favorite Kodak Portra 400 film and the results were magical- the colors and vibrancy of the San Francisco Mission District's street art came alive, and so did Clarence the Pug. Stepping out of my black and white comfort zone, and photographing in a completely new area- void of any of the comforts of  home, and lacking any familiarity for my dog subject to rely on - made me think very differently. My framing (always done in camera, no cropping of course) lent itself to our dynamic outdoor environment, and placing Clarence within lines and scenes became a way of expressing his beautiful personality. I shot through 10 rolls of film fairly quickly, and love the results.

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