instant doggie photobooth Last weekend's Instant Doggie Photobooth at Bruno's Dog + Cat Boutique in Venice, CA was a big hit. I've been getting to know the amazing staff at Bruno's over the past few months as they've launched their new and impeccably curated pet boutique. They are exhibiting a hug show of my black and white dog photography alongside some of the best pet products and foods. Seeing as how it's summertime and July 4th will be upon us soon, I used a beautiful Americana woven rug as our backdrop with a simple old armchair as our prop for the instant doggie photobooth.

The instant peel-apart film pulled such warm, muted colors from the rug, and these instant polaroid portraits have a wonderful vintage feel. Here are some favorite out-takes. As always, my clients get to choose between two exposures of their dog. They keep their favorite, and I keep the out-take. Sometimes the out-takes are so funny and odd, which is why I love them.

instant doggie photobooth

doggie photobooth

dog photobooth

polaroid doggie photobooth

pet photobooth