I photographed Fudgey the German Shorthaired Pointer and her family in Mill Valley last week, and really fell in love with Fudgey's joyful demeanor and soft, soft coat. She is the kind of dog that makes everyone happy. She is calm, curious, playful, loves her humans, and allows everyone to feel a sense of true happiness in her presence. That is the power of a family dog, and that is the sheer magic of the dog human bond. Los Angeles Pet Photographer

Los Angeles Dog Photographer

Fudgey grew up alongside her human sibling, and their relationship was beautiful to witness. They are true best friends. And even though some kids can't always articulate what is so powerful about the love they have for their animal companions, that love is 100% visable to the human eye. It doesn't take a super smart doctor to realize that dogs let kids feel confident, cared for, and teach them how to love and relate to others- all very valuable lessons. (There are a lot of super smart doctor people in my family. I somehow fell off the scientific Freidin wagon and ended up in Artsville. Nobody knows how that happened).

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After creating some portraits of the entire family in their beautiful Mill Valley home, we took a walk at a locals-only park- full of my favorite dappled light, Northern California woodsy texture, and this amazing foot bridge. Though Fudgey is a real lazy-bones, her breed is known for their adept pointing and scent tracking skills. It was wonderful to see her in her natural element.

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