As I was watching the Olympics last night, I saw a quick update on the amazing new Agilitiy Competition that preceeds the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York. And who's face pops up as the WINNER of the ground-breaking new mixed breed competition? None other than Roo!, the husky mix who just happens to be one of my first San Francisco dog photography clients. Roo! Westminster Agility Winner

A HUGE congratulations to Roo! and her amazing human/handler/trainer Stacey Campbell- who is a very well known and accomplished San Francisco dog trainer and friend of the SFSPCA. Seeing Roo's face on tv inspired me to revisit the work from our San Francisco pet photography session- here are some favorite images of Roo and her sister Penny, all taken on the trusty Hasselblad 500c.

Roo_agility_winner_westminster westminster_agility_Roo westminster_agility_winner_Husky.Roo