photography of horses and dogs in los angeles Photographing this amazing family of dogs and horses (two horses, two dogs, one enormous farm in Half Moon Bay) was so much fun. I was invited to my client's gorgeous horse farm right off Rt. 1 in Half Moon Bay, and when I arrived I felt like a little kid at a toy store- the light was perfect, and there was so much of it! Dappled and shaded and textured as far as the eye could see. There were huge trees with expansive hanging branches creating perfect nooks for portrait lighting, and old barns and faded wood. Inside the new horse barn there was bright diffused light coming through the corrugated plexi ceiling panels, a gritty cement floor, and lots of wood chips scattered to give us some thoughtful texture. And then there were fields and fields of horses running wild. It was like a playroom of photographic opportunities. Horse and dog photography at it's best!

On top of that, the relationship between my client and her animals was simply astounding. Her partner was the one who commissioned me, because she wanted to be able to capture something that neither of them could - a removed and creative perspective on this unique relationship. So I was not only given a lot of room to move around and explore that emotion and that physical location, I was also given the very serious job of empathisizing with all these diverse creatures and creating the most beautiful portrait of their family that I possibly could. It was a wonderful challenge.

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This was my first time photogaphing horses, and now I'm hooked. I was intimidated, to be honest, when I arrived because I'd never really connected with such a large animal before. But what I learned was that photographing horses is no different from photographing dogs- the bond we humans have with horses comes from a very similar place as our bond with dogs. We first relied on horses as working animals, just like dogs- and that relationship grew over centuries into companionship and true intimacy. I certainly can't wait to meet more Los Angeles and San Francisco horse owners, and add to my fine art horse photography portfolio.