New Dog Photography Project: "Dog Food: Dogs with Food Names"

Dogs with Food Names: Photography Series Los Angeles/Jesse Freidin

Dogs with Food Names: Photography Series Los Angeles/Jesse Freidin

To break in my new Los Angeles dog photography studio, I've begun a brand new dog photography series. And I need YOUR HELP! You may know that I like doing creative side-projects. You may also know that sometimes those creative side-projects blow up and take over the internet (see: The Doggie Gaga Project), the newspapers, the television, the blogosphere, etc. There have been a handful of other private series done in my San Francisco pet photography studio, but now it's time to welcome the dog world to my new Los Angeles photography studio. Click the link below for details:

DOG FOOD: Dogs With Food Names Photography Project/ Los Angeles

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: LOS ANGELES AREA Do you have a dog with a food-related name? If so, we want to meet you! You may have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive photography project by award-winning dog photographer Jesse Freidin in his new Los Angeles studio. This photography series is all about dogs with food names (i.e. 'Pancake,' 'Hamburger,' 'Meatball'). Participation is free, and all participants will receive an 8x10 print of their dog signed by the artist, as well as a digital reproduction scan of the artist's selected image.

To enter your dog for consideration: Please email the studio at: STUDIO (at) JESSEFREIDIN (d0t) comYou must include in your email the following information: 1) Your Name 2) Your Dog's Name 3) Your Dog's Breed 4) Your Email/Phone 5) A Photo of Your Dog

I can't wait to hear from you! We're booking private studio sessions for our selected participants Summer 2013. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

DON'T LIVE IN LOS ANGELES?  That's ok. We're hoping to bring DOG FOOD to San Francisco, Portland and New York. Please email us with your location and we'll add you to our growing list of DOG FOOD cities.